Cloud for Business

As Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud service provider, we are uniquely positioned to advise, deploy, migrate and scale your applications to the cloud services. If you need to write custom applications, nothing is better than outsourcing to us.

Cloud services from usĀ gives your app the power to scale and collaborate helping doing your business efficiently. We provide the following cloud services for SME and established web-based business :

  • Building “scriptable infrastructures” for easier management.
  • Automated deployment process for the whole infrastructure using CloudFormation.
  • Create auto-scale groups for scaling resources, with balancing.

Business BenefitsĀ for your Cloud Applications

  • High agile response to your business needs within seconds.
  • Pay as you go for only the resources you need.
  • Enable your customers to access your application and their data from anywhere using any device.
  • Elastic cloud designs never make your servers busy and your customers are always happy.
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